Well being and self development has always been very important to me. The journey started when I was 10 years old and wanted to be the best tennis player in Norway, and later to be the best female tennis player from Norway in history to be first one to break into the top 100. I remember as a little girl, thin as a stick, that dad had to feed me lots of eggs and bacon for breakfast, served me a pile of roast beef on the sandwich with a generous layer of remoulade on top. That was the old way of thinking that you would grow stronger and bigger. Later when I moved to Spain at the age of 16 to pursue my professional tennis career, the food I ate didn’t help me in a better way either. I ate a lot of pasta and bread, and to every hot meal meat. I remember feeling my energy level hit rock bottom, breathing heavily on court and just wanting to sleep after a difficult digestible meal. I often experienced stomach pains and heart burn, but just thought it was something I had to handle and didn’t know better. However, that changed in 2015 when I had a self realization through the book of Novak Djokovic “Serve to win”. It was a gluten-free and dairy free diet, no red meat and limited animal consumption. After this switch, I performed much better. But still it was challenging to make the commitment, it’s been demanding with different opinions and an inner struggle of finding out about my needs and what works for me. In 2017, I started having problems with my sinus and food allergies. I later realized I had a leaky gut. These symptoms just worsened over the next two years where I experienced inflammation in my body, digestive issues, trouble with my sciatic nerve and weakened immune system which made me vulnerable to infections. Chronic fatigue was also a struggle for a period of time. I went back to an unhealthy lifestyle because I thought I needed to live more in balance and not to the “extreme”. But I started asking myself, if I can’t live optimally, is it worth it? I realized I was listening to others and my lack of needs, not what my body needed. I felt a need for approval by the society and the temptations of sugary foods being more available, made me lose my integrity. That’s why I’m here for you, why I have created this blog for you to feel inspired and find right balance in life, to live happier and to bloom with food by self discovery!