Ice cream addicted ~ São Paulo

“Life is like ice cream, enjoy it before it melts”

São Paulo amazes me in every way. Although it’s a lot of people, a big city with much traffic, it is somehow a paradise for a food lover like me.. I found the best ice cream I have tasted so far! The ice cream place is called “Gelateum”, here they make authentic Italian ice cream. The man behind the ice cream-making is from Pimonte, Italy. He told me that they make the best nocciola/hazelnut ice cream, and he was right. But he left me even more speechless after I tasted his “Africa Nero” chocolate ice cream!


São Paulo ~ a food heaven

From tropical fruits, to sweet and savory, this city offers everything you desire.

I ate at “Bio” restaurant, an Amazonian river fish with açaí mousse and brown rice. It tasted amazing! This restaurant is a must-try for those who love to eat healthy. The waitresses don’t speak English though, but luckily you get the menu in English. However, they are super nice and try their best to help you. After leaving this restaurant I ended up feeling energized and content, because here it’s only good vibes, and most importantly delicious food!

Not a surprise then, that this restaurant is one of my favorites. They also serve breakfast, opening at 8 in the morning. Since I love breakfast, I got super happy. I tried the açaí bowl with granola and banana, because when in Brazil, you can’t miss out on their açaí! I chose 500 ml, but it was a lot haha. You are good with 300 ml because it makes you full. Anyways, it didn’t matter since it was so good so I finished it all! As I mentioned, I thought it was not enough, so I ordered as well a tapioca crepe with cocoa paste and nut butter. Wow, that was amazing. You have to order that, you just have to. And when you do you will understand how amazingly good that was. I still dream of it;)