Pula ~ Sardinia

The Island is beautiful and more so when the weather is like this on the picture! However, in reality there was rather more the opposite.. It has been cold, rainy and cloudy. The people say it’s not normal at this time of the year. But anyways I still love it here.

So when there was nothing to do but to stay inside, I used a lot of my time at the kitchen cooking haha. I even used the oven too much that the electricity in the house shut down! And that happened more than once..

At the supermarket I bought fresh and delicious cheese, tomatoes, Parma ham and pesto! I mean, it’s a different world!

I made from scratch focaccia, bought tomatoes and basil together with burrata cheese, it was a different level!


Brigadeiro love

When in Brazil, you have to try their sweet treat.. The brigadeiro. The traditional one is like a truffle, while the picture shows a brigadeiro tart. They also do brigadeiro cake!

I ate the brigadeiro tart at “Bio” restaurant by the famous chef Alex Atala. He also runs the restaurant DOM, which was rated the 4th best restaurant in the world in 2012.

This is the Brigadeiro Cake I was talking about.. It was amazing! You can find it at the market called “Empório Santa Maria” in São Paulo. It’s a food store to begin with, but inside they have the delicious cakes waiting for you. From cheese cake to meringue and lemon tart, you will go bananas, it’s hard to control oneself when you see all the choices. However, the choice is seriously easy after tasting the Brigadeiro cake!

Chocolate is always a good idea…