Well Being


Make room for more bliss in your life.

Bliss to me means prioritizing wellness and better health to feel awesome & continue kicking ass in whatever I put my mind into.


• Allow myself to rest when I need it

• Eat nutritious, colorful foods

• Sunshine & natural light exposure

• Spend time with uplifting relationships

• Listen to inspiring music

• Be present & mindful

• Slow down to be intentional & aware

Oh and also bring some more Bliss by treating yourself with wellness, sustainable and less waste products by coia store. Like this gorgeous golden spoon you see on the picture below.

I’m happy to be their ambassador as I love that they’re passionate about making products that make you feel good. Which increases the quality of life, and which at the same time takes care of our nature. The products from coia are designed with quality, natural materials and aesthetic completion in focus.

Join in and use my code team20 for a 20% discount, bring it on with the bliss.

Check out their website here:


With love & care, Melanie


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