The beautiful cathedral

It’s surreal with the corona virus situation where Spain experiences a complete lock down and isolation. I visited Valencia 2 weeks ago, when first cases had just been explored there. As I walked down the streets, I noticed an alertness and afraid of being exposed. But still it didn’t stop me from exploring this beautiful cathedral. Neither could I help myself eating delicious food. My worries were long gone.

Churros! Couldn’t miss that when I had just arrived Spain
Dulce de leche everybody

This place was just heaven on earth! I mean look all the desserts displayed on the counter, how could you possibly choose just one thing? I told myself I have to come back one day and keep trying everything haha. It was a difficult choice, but the winner in the end; the banana bread.

Looking back, it makes me reflect on how privileged we are to travel around the globe, what a freedom we have. Being in quarantine makes me appreciate the traveling even more, in addition to move and go wherever we want to. My advice is to use the quarantine time to charge batteries and being grateful for have lived the way we do. It’s time to take care of our health and the world, and things will fall into place, they always do. With a little faith and trust, stay calm.

With love & care, Melanie

Ps: another café worth visiting with cool vibes, healthy food and yummy cakes, cookies and milkshakes: rawcoco!


Breathe ~ Marbella

Cake makes me happy;)
Cheese cake & tiramisu carrot cake
Kale salad & carpaccio

This restaurant has a lovely ceiling with natural plants hanging down, alongside lamps giving the room a bohemian style and vibe. Only downside is that you’ll have to be loud to get heard if you want a conversation across the table haha. Anyways, when the food is delicious, you stop talking and just eat right.. Maybe that’s the reason why?

Because the menu we were served, was absolutely fabulous with its flavors and textures, well combined together in taste and presentation. I choose a healthy kale salad with a refreshing citrus dressing, added with parmesan and caramelized nuts, topped with carrot and orange slices to give vibrant color, which made it a nice starter. Oh, and with leafy greens you absorb nutrients and digest better with c-vitamin foods combined, therefore have that in mind next time you’re making a spinach or kale salad! The other starters were as tasty and man it was hard to choose! Luckily I got to try a bite of the carpaccio my best friend chose. The beef slices just melted on my tongue! For main dish I had sea bass, and same effect it had as it entered my mouth.. And to top it all off, an interesting combo of carrot cake and tiramisu as dessert. It was as I had been brought back to Italy, with it’s amazing mascarpone cream layers.

Rumors has it that underneath this restaurant there is it’s cafe “Ground”, having delicious cinnamon rolls and other freshly baked goods. That’s next on my list;) … In a while.

It’s all now surrealistic and strange due to the corona virus with businesses and restaurants shutting down. The world is exploring a lock down and it’s like we are entering into a different world and life, which we are.. This was one week ago, when things seemed normal and all worries were put aside about corona. However, now we need to take precautions and take this serious matter into action. If we want to go back to our normal lives, we need to stop the spreading NOW. Be respectful, think of the global picture and take care of each other by doing what’s best for each and one of us with putting ours and others health first.

With love and care, Melanie

Travel, Well Being

Road trip to Ronda ~ España

On a sunny Sunday, me and my best friend decided to seize the day by taking the car from Marbella to Ronda, taking us only 1h to reach the place. I realize it’s so important to unfold your creativity and live life to the fullest! And what better way than putting the music on high volume, dance and sing in the car and just feel the good feels! Also the scenery around us as we drove up the curvy roads up through the mountain hills, was absolutely beautiful.

The stunning viewpoint from Ronda

I believe these days where you have the opportunity to disconnect, find new inspiration and strength to keep moving forward in your craft is really necessary for you to endure the everyday life and challenges you face. It’s a great idea to escape for a day, explore and enjoy the gift we’ve been given called life! And, share it with someone you love and care about, the experience is forever memorable.

“Stay close to people who feel like sunshine”

From this viewpoint we walked around the park, noticing beautiful, blooming peonies flowers welcoming us. It was also magical as the sun stroke light through the palm trees. As you walked from the entrance gate towards the view at the end, it was almost as a dream walking on a staircase to heaven. Taking you to a beautiful place where worries, evilness and destruction didn’t exist, only a kingdom of beauty and peace.

Beautiful peonies in its glory
Sunlight striking through the garden at the center of the park
Fountain spot where you’ll find tranquility

I highly recommend to unleash your creativity, to be around people who makes you happy and share the moment with them, which will be a memory for life, an affirmation that you are living out your gift during your time on earth. Oh, and embrace all the beauty life offers you!!!

With love and care, Melanie