Dough & Oil ~ Shrewsbury

Pure deliciousness. This restaurant amazes me in so many ways. It’s cool, fun, original and serves amazing food. The first step you enter inside, you will get what I mean. Sitting by pink neon lights, colorful interior, art works on the wall, you will immediately feel the happy vibes and you will be even more happy when you taste the first bite of your pizza/bagel.

I love that they have a red thread throughout their whole restaurant, even their menu is fun and playful with their inventive name picked dishes. On the picture is the Alaskan bagel with salmon and cream cheese, and by its side the fun guy pizza!

They truly stand by their name, they are one of the best in my opinion when it comes to the dough and oil game hehe. One pizza that really stands out is their version of the duck confit pizza. When you’re about to eat it, the oil is dripping endlessly from the pizza slice.. Although it sounds gross, it’s somehow amazingly delicious. It has so much flavor, more flavor in a pizza I have ever tried! So don’t get scared by hearing duck on pizza or that it’s a oily mess while you eat. I definitely recommend you to try it if you are in Shrewsbury. Or even just make the trip to the town to just have the pizza, it’s so worth it!

Oh and they even serve pancakes….

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Their location:

18 castle St, Shrewsbury SY1 2AZ, Britain