Breathe ~ Marbella

Cake makes me happy;)
Cheese cake & tiramisu carrot cake
Kale salad & carpaccio

This restaurant has a lovely ceiling with natural plants hanging down, alongside lamps giving the room a bohemian style and vibe. Only downside is that you’ll have to be loud to get heard if you want a conversation across the table haha. Anyways, when the food is delicious, you stop talking and just eat right.. Maybe that’s the reason why?

Because the menu we were served, was absolutely fabulous with its flavors and textures, well combined together in taste and presentation. I choose a healthy kale salad with a refreshing citrus dressing, added with parmesan and caramelized nuts, topped with carrot and orange slices to give vibrant color, which made it a nice starter. Oh, and with leafy greens you absorb nutrients and digest better with c-vitamin foods combined, therefore have that in mind next time you’re making a spinach or kale salad! The other starters were as tasty and man it was hard to choose! Luckily I got to try a bite of the carpaccio my best friend chose. The beef slices just melted on my tongue! For main dish I had sea bass, and same effect it had as it entered my mouth.. And to top it all off, an interesting combo of carrot cake and tiramisu as dessert. It was as I had been brought back to Italy, with it’s amazing mascarpone cream layers.

Rumors has it that underneath this restaurant there is it’s cafe “Ground”, having delicious cinnamon rolls and other freshly baked goods. That’s next on my list;) … In a while.

It’s all now surrealistic and strange due to the corona virus with businesses and restaurants shutting down. The world is exploring a lock down and it’s like we are entering into a different world and life, which we are.. This was one week ago, when things seemed normal and all worries were put aside about corona. However, now we need to take precautions and take this serious matter into action. If we want to go back to our normal lives, we need to stop the spreading NOW. Be respectful, think of the global picture and take care of each other by doing what’s best for each and one of us with putting ours and others health first.

With love and care, Melanie


Flax & Kale Passage • Barcelona

This restaurant is one of my favorites to go out and eat when in Barcelona. It lies in a passage like the name says. It is very cool to walk through it, leading you the way to the restaurant!

Here they serve everything gluten free and offer a flexitarian menu! Flexitarian means that it’s a flexible diet since you can eat fish and egg, but excluding meat. Here you will find plant based meals, fish dishes and gluten-free pizzas! You might be skeptical to this in the beginning, wondering if it’s as good as a the “original” served food.

The answer is yes! It’s really tasty! So go with an open mind and you will be amazed by how tasty it is. Plus you won’t question about going there after your first visit. It’s healthy food which tastes great too, what more to ask for?! I think I’ve convinced you right??

As you can see, it’s a really cool place to sit and eat too!

Aaand, they make healthy sweets and desserts! For a big dessert lover like me, who absolutely looove sweets, (not very proud of it though hehe) this is a huge relief!!!

Last time when I was there, I tried the plant based chocolate mousse with nut ice cream. It wasn’t bad at all! Normally it’s like; you can’t replace the “bad stuff” with a healthy version, but here at Flax and Kale, they sure can…

Here is another prove of them succeeding with a plant based meal which looks and tastes the same… I would even say better! They have replaced the scrambled eggs and pulled pork with plant based ingredients such as tofu and jack fruit. Seriously, you don’t miss the original flavors at all. This badass right here offers more taste, and happiness to your belly!

Here is the address of the restaurant:

Carrer de Sant Pere Més Alt, 31-33, 08003 Barcelona

For more info, go to their website here:


Fit Kitchen Barcelona

The name of this restaurant defines what they cook, making meals that makes you fit! They offer various of salads, you can even choose your own salad according to how you like it, they have healthier burgers options and healthy desserts alternatives too!

Above I ordered a nutritious salad with tofu and kimchi mayonnaise dressing. I chose asparagus, caramelized onion and sweet potato to my salad. When you get there, you can order your own salad too:)

And the second time I went there, I just had to try their burgers! I love that they make them with sweet potato bread, they also offer spinach bread! It was really good. I chose a veggie burger based on quinoa. Truth be told, it wasn’t the best vegetarian burger I have tasted… But, the baked sweet potatoes on the side, they were heavenly good!

After my meal, I was up for a sweet treat and lately I have fallen in love with energy balls. They are healthy and delicious, perfect for a sweet tooth! I tried vanilla and matcha, my personal favorite was the matcha. On the picture you see the vanilla energy ball. In addition, they have other desserts too. Raw carrot cake, snickers cake, cheese cake. Yup, no problem finding a dessert you prefer!

Fit Kitchen

Carrer de Londres 91, 08036, Barcelona


São Paulo ~ a food heaven

From tropical fruits, to sweet and savory, this city offers everything you desire.

I ate at “Bio” restaurant, an Amazonian river fish with açaí mousse and brown rice. It tasted amazing! This restaurant is a must-try for those who love to eat healthy. The waitresses don’t speak English though, but luckily you get the menu in English. However, they are super nice and try their best to help you. After leaving this restaurant I ended up feeling energized and content, because here it’s only good vibes, and most importantly delicious food!

Not a surprise then, that this restaurant is one of my favorites. They also serve breakfast, opening at 8 in the morning. Since I love breakfast, I got super happy. I tried the açaí bowl with granola and banana, because when in Brazil, you can’t miss out on their açaí! I chose 500 ml, but it was a lot haha. You are good with 300 ml because it makes you full. Anyways, it didn’t matter since it was so good so I finished it all! As I mentioned, I thought it was not enough, so I ordered as well a tapioca crepe with cocoa paste and nut butter. Wow, that was amazing. You have to order that, you just have to. And when you do you will understand how amazingly good that was. I still dream of it;)