Glutenfree veggie pizza

Full of flavor!

Are you ready to take pizza to a different level? I challenged myself by making it gluten-free and testing out new food combos together. I love the sight of it, so colorful that it immediately gives you good vibes right? So you just gotta be open to it, but I promise, one thing for sure is that it’s full of flavors! Aaaand it’s healthier, so cheers to that!


Pizza dough gluten-free

• 400 grams dark gluten-free baking mix from

• 3,5 dl lukewarm water

• 25 gram dried yeast

• 1/2 tsp salt


• Red pesto from

• Créme frâiche (plant based or dairy)

• Butternut squash

• Beetroot

• Artichokes

• Green olives

• Pine nuts


Pizza dough gluten-free

1. Mix together the gluten-free baking mix together with the dry yeast, salt and stir in the lukewarm water. See if you need more flour or liquid as you want to knead the dough by hand. Therefore, it cannot be so sticky or runny that it’s impossible for you to do that!

2. Let the dough rise beneath a plastic film roll for a about 1 hour.

3. Roll the dough and put it on a baking tray with parchment paper.

4. Let the dough rise for another 30 minutes before you add the creme fraiche base and put the pizza in the oven on 180 degrees for 20 minutes.


1. Peel of the skin of the butternut squash and beetroot before you cut them in thin slices and drizzle some oil before being put in the oven on 200 degrees for about 25 minutes.

2. Then when the pizza and veggies are cooked ready, add your toppings on it. First you smear red pesto on the pizza base, then decorating with the oven baked butternut squash and beetroot, and let’s not forget the olives, artichokes and pine nuts on top too! A tip is to drizzle some honey or agave syrup as it harmonizes the flavors.

I hope you enjoy this vegan, dairyfree and glutenfree pizza and don’t worry, you can easily make it vegetarian with some cheese added as that makes completely sense too, hehe. What I only hope is that you will feel inspired to eat a healthier version of a pizza with more vibrant colors and veggies on your plate!

With love & care, Melanie x


Watermelon pizza

A pretty sight right?

Hot summer days in Norway makes me crave watermelon and so I ended up making a pizza version of it! Now when the temperatures are at 30 degrees, it’s crucial to be hydrated. This watermelon pizza will definitely help you out with that. Cheers to summer, sunny days and this watermelon pizza!


• Watermelon

• Cherries

• Dried mango

• Mint leaves

• Dark chocolate

• Nut butter

• Pecan nuts


1. Cut watermelon into pizza slices.

2. Remove the stones from the cherries and cut them into halves.

3. Add dried mango bits and mint leaves.

4. Spread some pecan nuts, nut butter and grate the dark chocolate to finish!

Colorful and tasty, and it’s pretty to serve if you wonder what to make for a summer party!

Watermelon keeps you hydrated, contains antioxidants like dark chocolate also do, that contributes with vitamin C which helps prevent cell damage from free radicals. This refreshing fruit also has cucurbitacin E, a plant compound with anti inflammatory effects! And so do cherries! It’s a reason why we need to eat more plant based right? Cherries are a good source of fiber and potassium, which keeps your digestive system healthy and helps you with muscle contraction. For athletes and active people especially, this is a super fruit as it may help relieve exercise induced muscle pain, damage and inflammation!

Again, cheers to this watermelon pizza!

With love and care, Melanie x


Colorful veggie pizza!

Packed with flavors!

This not a normal pizza you would think of, but boy it’s tasty. The base is gluten-free, the sauce is crème fraiche with mozzarella cheese, red beets, pickled onions, dill and roasted walnuts. First thing I think we all stumble upon is dill, cause is that even good on a pizza?! But yes in fact it is! Please give it a try for me.

Squash is also really nice on the pizza.

When you’ve made your gluten-free pizza dough, next is to put the thinly chopped red beets in the oven for 15 minutes on 250 degrees. After they are done, you put it on your baked pizza. The squash on the other hand you can already put on the pizza before putting it in the oven.

Step 1

When you have made your base, make a sauce layer of crème fraiche and finish with mozzarella cheese. Sprinkle with some oregano if you like.

Step 2

Here I have finished baking the pizza base with the sauce, cheese and squash on top for 20 minutes and is ready for the last toppings! This pizza base is also gluten-free but made with a more fiber rich flour than white. I definitely recommend that instead.

Step 3: Put on the already baked red beets
A delicious slice of pizza, bon appetito!

It’s a healthier version of pizza, it’s gluten-free, it’s vegetarian, and it’s good for you with lots of nutrients and healthy fats from the walnuts! Yummy and a happy tummy, cannot be better than that.


Caserta ~ Italy

Wanted to share this from May this year, hope it will you leave you feeling inspired and adventurous like it did to me!

Picture above is the facade of Reggia de Caserta. Behind this entrance you will discover its beauty. The palace is one of Europe’s largest palaces and has 1200 rooms, more than Versailles! In addition, it expands across 11 acres with beautiful gardens, pools and fountains. The fountain and pool chain is three kilometer long, where it meets end at the waterfall by the Diana and Actaeon fountain. It’s spectacular by the harmonized geometric structure and how the architect Luigi Vanvitelli, one of the greatest Italian architects of the 18th century, has kept the nature in focus.

Here you see the 3 km long passage of the fountains & pools aligned to the palace.

The Diana & Actaeon Fountain

t’s stunning to witness the natural beauty, here you see the waterfall from the forest running down to the fountain. What stunned me even more was seeing the pools full of life, there were fishes and sea turtles swimming around, algae and sea plants.

Watching ruins gives me chills and makes me wonder how it was back then. How the life was, how it looked like. Taking a walk through the English Garden leaves you more calm and reflected, for me it’s a meditative way of being in your own thoughts without distractions and just observing in present moment.

The grand staircase of honor as you walk into the rooms of the Palace.

Why can’t we have these extravagant lamps at our era anymore? One word, stunning!

There is so much thought behind all the details of this palace, I wonder how they were able to decide and execute it so elegant and effortlessly.

Marble and patterns in different colors and structure. You can find so much inspiration!

The ceilings just left me breathless every time I walked into a new room. It’s something about looking looking up at it than horizontal, which makes it more spectacular, leaving you with a glorifying feeling. It feels as you look up to something higher than yourself, to God or to the universe or whatever you believe in, it’s something abstract, something out of your reach, your control. It made me speechless.

Every room is unique, a bit different, it plays with creativity, and is a statement of limitless art form. Leaving the palace, it made me reflect that we are capable of so much once we put our minds into it. Just look at history, imagine the abundance of possibilities created. Be spectacular. Create your own spectacular life.

Walking through the small streets of Caserta

I stumbled upon this Italian residence which just left me speechless. Absolutely loved the interior and vibes, I felt like stepping into the door of Narnia hehe.

Eating pizza when in Napoli is a must! Wow, they truly stand up for their reputation, no doubt about that. I can witness that it is the best pizza I have tasted so far. The dough is unique, I assume fermented which allows it to not be chewy or losing texture and crisp after its no longer warm. I also want to add that because of that, for those (most of us) who get bloated after eating a pizza, normal, will not feel that after eating this one! I ordered Genovese, which is pesto base with pomodorini or cherry tomatoes, plus mozzarella topped, yum.

Eat this one at Via Romana restaurant if you want the same pizza I had;) Otherwise, don’t worry, there are plenty pizza restaurants everywhere, and they are not mediocre, they are all excellent, pfuuu hard life to choose right?

Next time if I come back I want to try the pizza at Tre Farine, Basilica & Pizzeria Decimo Scalia haha.

Oh and on the picture you see a book called #Girlboss by Sophia Amoruso, highly recommended, full of girl power!!

Martucci café

I walked passed this café, and had to take a look since it caught my eye. Yummy cakes, pastries and veggies were displayed at the food table. You couldn’t stop gazing and deciding what would you choose from all that deliciousness!! It took a lot of willpower to stay away from the sweets the first time haha. I went for the asparagus, broccoli, sautéed spinach and aubergine, so so good. But, when I visited it the second time, I just had to try their sweets before I was leaving Caserta. I tried a cannoli with Nutella chocolate cream filling inside, mmmmmm.


Dough & Oil ~ Shrewsbury

Pure deliciousness. This restaurant amazes me in so many ways. It’s cool, fun, original and serves amazing food. The first step you enter inside, you will get what I mean. Sitting by pink neon lights, colorful interior, art works on the wall, you will immediately feel the happy vibes and you will be even more happy when you taste the first bite of your pizza/bagel.

I love that they have a red thread throughout their whole restaurant, even their menu is fun and playful with their inventive name picked dishes. On the picture is the Alaskan bagel with salmon and cream cheese, and by its side the fun guy pizza!

They truly stand by their name, they are one of the best in my opinion when it comes to the dough and oil game hehe. One pizza that really stands out is their version of the duck confit pizza. When you’re about to eat it, the oil is dripping endlessly from the pizza slice.. Although it sounds gross, it’s somehow amazingly delicious. It has so much flavor, more flavor in a pizza I have ever tried! So don’t get scared by hearing duck on pizza or that it’s a oily mess while you eat. I definitely recommend you to try it if you are in Shrewsbury. Or even just make the trip to the town to just have the pizza, it’s so worth it!

Oh and they even serve pancakes….

For more details:

Their location:

18 castle St, Shrewsbury SY1 2AZ, Britain


Pizza your way!

Hell yeah! It’s so much better doing your own pizza and decide what ever toppings you want! I made my pizza with tomato sauce as base, then topped with some “Jarlsberg” cheese, aubergine, squash, red onion, sun dried tomatoes, pine nuts, rucola and slices of avocado! Haha, I just added all the delicious toppings I could think of, and that ended up being many.. But it was not over the top, the pizza was full of flavors and incredibly tasty!! Hope this has inspired you to make your own pizza, make it your way:)