Well Being

Cultivate self love cause you’re worth it!

Cultivating self love is easier said than done, yet it’s a process and we all have a choice to be patient with ourselves. I’ve been there and still have a long journey to go, but that’s what makes it beautiful, an everlasting opportunity to thrive and grow.

So you may ask yourself, how can I start this self love journey? Well, here’s how as I teach you the necessary steps forward. The takeaway from this is to feel enough, stop your inner critic, be more kind to yourself and be comfortable at receiving compliments, because guess what?! You deserve it, so let’s bloom!


First up is Acceptance. This is so important, as practicing forgiveness and being more kind to yourself will make a difference. We all have a tough time being too hard on ourselves, not feeling like we are meeting up with the expectations we set. Yet the key here is to go gentle with yourself and acknowledge where you are at this moment and the steps you are making. I know it is cliche with the statement that it is a journey and not a destination, but there is truthfulness behind these words and if you start being aware of it’s meaning you will accept who you are more but still keep a glimpse of where you’re headed.

So what happens when you have a hard time to accept? That’s when you need to embrace what you’re feeling instead of pushing them away. Emotions will arise stronger when you resist, so therefore it is crucial to feel what you are feeling without judging. This can be difficult, but here’s a tip, practice meditation. Then you will become more mindful and observant by your thoughts, behavior and body signals.


This leads us to the next step, Awareness. When you become aware, it will enable you to pause and take some breaths. This habit will help you to reset yourself. You will notice when to stop negative thinking by mantra disruption. One example of a powerful mantra is “I am enough”. By saying these words to yourself aloud or within, resistance might show up. But this is when it’s time to work on your self growth journey, and start believing more and more till it feels natural.

One last tip on how to elevate your awareness skills is by practicing body scanning. Sit comfortably, or lie down without distractions. Start by closing your eyes and focus on your breath. Then begin noticing your body by doing a “scan” from your toes all the way to the top of your head? When you’re done, did you become more aware of some feelings or blockages you were not aware of before starting? Journal it or address how you can solve it. Look at you then, already making steps towards your well being journey.


Following up on how to cultivate self love, respect is key. However, that can be challenging when there is a constant external noise by today’s society. Yet, I encourage you to listen to your needs and wants, to be aware of making those a priority. Honor yourself by setting healthy boundaries and evaluate your relationships. What bonds are uplifting, nurturing, energizing versus those who are energy draining and negative which you might need to consider stepping aside from. This can be uncomfortable, but if you really love yourself it will be clear for you where and with whom you want to put your energy towards as you value respect highly. Tip and takeaway is put yourself first!


That makes a great introduction to our last and final step on how to cultivate self love, which is empowerment. Begin praising yourself with positive statements. Remind yourself of your strengths and what works for you. This is empowering as you will see more clearly what makes you great. In addition, practicing affirmations that empowers you also helps, an example to feel inspired by is “I am manifesting everything I deserve.”

Hoping this will spark you up and leave you motivated to take the action steps mentioned above, I wish you a beautiful, enlightening self love journey.

With love & care, Melanie x