Lett Oslo

Salad bowls!

I love the concept behind “Lett Oslo”. It’s a food chain in Norway which serves easy, healthy and sustainable food to you. They are aware of health, environment and wholesome foods. With a nurturing meal, good vibes and promising values mentioned above, there is no doubt that this is the way to eat and live. So I definitely recommend you to go and eat here while in Oslo or for my fellow Norwegians, eat here and you’ll invest in your well being!

I chose a salad bowl called “grønnkålpesto”, which is kale, pomegranate, avocado, hummus, cabbage and sweet potato with pesto sauce. Simple, yet tasty and satisfying, leaving you full and energized for what’s ahead of you next.

The other salad bowl my lovely childhood friend chose, was the seasonal salad with burrata! The cheese is made from Lillestrøm, a city outside Oslo. That means that the food is sustainable and short traveled since there is no need of importing it from Italy! It’s locally produced and this is awesome. Absolutely love it. I also like that “Lett Oslo” offers both vegan, vegetarian and dishes with chicken or fish.

I ate at their café located at Frogner, but there are 5 more to go to around Oslo:) More about them you’ll find here:

With love and care, Melanie x


Quick & easy vegan pasta

Mushroom yumminess

I absolutely adore aroma and portobello mushrooms, so I made a quick and easy vegan pasta with it. It’s really simple and doesn’t require advanced cooking skills, so don’t hesitate making it! Also it’s very tasty, healthy and makes your blood sugar level stable, keeping you full for quite a time. It’s therefore perfect for lunch, so that you can keep rocking at what you do throughout the whole day. Let’s make it, shall we?

Here cooking mushrooms and scallions with coconut milk in a sauce pan.

First step is to start boiling water for the pasta. I used whole wheat pasta because it contains more fiber than normal pasta. So while the pasta is being cooked (takes around 10 minutes), heat up a sauce pan at over medium heat. Start with the mushrooms, you don’t need olive oil as we want them to caramelize, which gives more flavor. Add the scallions, 4 tbs of coconut milk and 2 tbs of soya sauce. Cook everything for 5-10 minutes more on lower heat, this way you allow the flavors to shine! The amount of coconut milk depends on your desire, you can add more tbs if you like. For topping and more taste, chop some parsley. It will take you max 20 minutes cooking, but I’d say it would qualify for a 15 minutes dish. As mentioned, quick & easy! Enjoy everyone.