Sunday means pancakes

At least from my understanding and point of view;)

And there are so many delicious pancakes to order, here are some of my favorite picks…

Brunch & Cake ~ Barcelona

A super yummy matcha pancake, so good! And first time trying it. I’ve also tried matcha in other pastries, and the flavor is really good.

The gluten-free ricotta pancake with granola!!! Mmm

Flax and Kale ~ Barcelona

I love this restaurant, they have so many other delicious and healthy plates to offer. The atmosphere here is incredible, sitting on the roof top and being surrounded by flowers and plants, made me feel complete. Definitely a place to visit when in Barcelona!

Oh, and in my opinion these two restaurants serves the best and healthier pancakes in town!

What are you waiting for? Go and get your Sunday pancake, you deserve it when the week has finished:)



Barcelona has so much to offer with great cafés and restaurants at every corner to amazing architecture. I love having a walk in this city, there are so many places and streets to discover. One place I discovered and became quickly a favorite is the café “Brunch & cake”. I absolutely adore this place, the atmosphere and the vibes, but more importantly the food they serve! It’s served fun and playful on your plate. It’s made with passion and that’s why I love it. Of course a plate can look good and not taste good, but here they do both things good which is a win win!

In Barcelona you can find five cafés of this name, I personally love “Cup & cake” the most, it’s small and intimate, for me more cozy and somehow they serve the food the best by all of the cafés this chain has! The other one which comes after is bigger and is also nice, it is at the street called Rosselló.

The menu offers a lot of healthy options and I did go “bananas” and got indecisive with what to choose! I can’t blame myself, you’ll understand too once you see the menu.. From pancakes, to healthy vegan burger, to açaí bowl, sugar free muffins, avocado toasts to delicious salads, I mean come on, how can you choose??

So next time you are in Barcelona, “Brunch & cake” or “Cup & cake”, is the place!

Here is their website to check out more: