Breathe ~ Marbella

Cake makes me happy;)
Cheese cake & tiramisu carrot cake
Kale salad & carpaccio

This restaurant has a lovely ceiling with natural plants hanging down, alongside lamps giving the room a bohemian style and vibe. Only downside is that you’ll have to be loud to get heard if you want a conversation across the table haha. Anyways, when the food is delicious, you stop talking and just eat right.. Maybe that’s the reason why?

Because the menu we were served, was absolutely fabulous with its flavors and textures, well combined together in taste and presentation. I choose a healthy kale salad with a refreshing citrus dressing, added with parmesan and caramelized nuts, topped with carrot and orange slices to give vibrant color, which made it a nice starter. Oh, and with leafy greens you absorb nutrients and digest better with c-vitamin foods combined, therefore have that in mind next time you’re making a spinach or kale salad! The other starters were as tasty and man it was hard to choose! Luckily I got to try a bite of the carpaccio my best friend chose. The beef slices just melted on my tongue! For main dish I had sea bass, and same effect it had as it entered my mouth.. And to top it all off, an interesting combo of carrot cake and tiramisu as dessert. It was as I had been brought back to Italy, with it’s amazing mascarpone cream layers.

Rumors has it that underneath this restaurant there is it’s cafe “Ground”, having delicious cinnamon rolls and other freshly baked goods. That’s next on my list;) … In a while.

It’s all now surrealistic and strange due to the corona virus with businesses and restaurants shutting down. The world is exploring a lock down and it’s like we are entering into a different world and life, which we are.. This was one week ago, when things seemed normal and all worries were put aside about corona. However, now we need to take precautions and take this serious matter into action. If we want to go back to our normal lives, we need to stop the spreading NOW. Be respectful, think of the global picture and take care of each other by doing what’s best for each and one of us with putting ours and others health first.

With love and care, Melanie