Parking pita

Lamb kebab on an open pita

Omg, I think I just found my new favorite place in Barcelona! And it happened spontaneously as me and my friend were strolling around the streets of Barcelona trying to find a place to eat, but without knowing where to go and what to eat!

And then we passed the restaurant parking pita, at first not sure of entering there since we really wanted sweet potato fries haha. So I asked the waiter, do you have that and he answered no. My first response was like “ah that’s a shame, we gotta keep moving to find a place with sweet potato fries then”, but somehow I got interested in knowing better this place, so I asked for the menu and said “I just want to watch it till next time I come here”. However, ironically that next time didn’t need to happen, since we decided to eat there…

It was such a good choice, I just got super excited when I saw the menu and all their delicious food!

But it got so difficult to know what to order haha. Luckily, I didn’t go alone. I think it’s so nice when you can share different plates, because in this way you get to taste more from the menu. We just wanted everything, but I’m sure I will have tasted their whole menu as I come back in the near future!

Also the prices are really reasonable, so if you want to go out and not spend a lot of money, this is a place which offers great tasty food for a valuable price which doesn’t empty your wallet!

Oh, and not least I just have to mention that I love how they have made the menu so original and authentic. That originality you find in the whole restaurant, from sharing a large long table with other people, sitting on paper boxes where there is a hidden room you can put your things inside, watching into the kitchen and how the chefs are cooking. The atmosphere is honest, down to earth, nothing fancy and fake. It’s where people gather to enjoy a good meal and feel comfortable. At least that’s how I felt it, and I enjoyed that spirit in the restaurant so much. French fries with delicious sauce, roasted cauliflower with curry taste and the lamb kebab was what me and my friend shared together. Wow, so many flavors, what a tasteful meal we got to experience! Top notch.BaklavaAnd then I discovered they had baklava for desserts, I was in ecstasy! The outer pieces are with almond, then the more caramel colored baklava is with pistachio and in the center are with walnuts. I loved it, but personally I could even have it more sweeter hehe. Next time I need to try the walnut baklava because I have a feeling those are the best!Lastly, we tried chocolate with salt and curry! That was different and new, but somehow those flavors together made me like it! You should try it too! The address to the restaurant:Passeig de Sant Joan, 56, 08009 Barcelona

It’s a must-try!

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