Celebrating at Mirabel

It was my mom’s birthday on Sunday 20th of May, and so we celebrated with dinner at restaurant Mirabel. It’s located perfectly as it lies right next to the harbor at Sørenga, as well as you get to experience the sunset and the remaining sunbeams when the clock strikes nine.

At Mirabel they serve all kinds of food actually. So if you are up for anything and the ones you are going with wants something different than you, this is the place to go to. They serve pizza, pasta, meat, fish, you name it! For starters we ordered shrimps, they were delicious, and carpaccio which was also really good.

What I like the most is to sit outside and enjoy the view of the fjord. Also not bad sitting by olive trees. (I have to disappoint you, they’re fake but look so real!)

The cocktail I had was strawberry flavored and I absolutely loved it! At first I ordered mojito since I love the taste of mint, but they didn’t have more and I got a bit sad about it haha. But my disappointment ended once I drank my first sip of this strawberry cocktail!

For main course I ate fusilli with creamy pesto, I love pesto. That was delicious, but so heavy!!! Long time since I have ate pasta and creamy sauces, you can guess how I felt after I finished the whole plate. I even got a slice of pizza from my sister, it’s really good btw – doughy bread, how I like it.

So before we could order desserts, I had to go for a walk… Right behind Mirabel restaurant is Paradis ice cream bar, homemade and fresh gelato. But unfortunately that was closed at 9 pm, if not I would for sure had an ice cream too haha. It indeed helped to go for a walk and make room for desserts! I highly recommend that next time you get full too!

Make sure to order the chocolate fondant, they make it really well. As for cheese cake and mousse I wouldn’t recommend it since it wasn’t that good. Chocolate fondant never goes wrong, at least not at Mirabel;)

Therefore, next time you are in Oslo, visit Mirabel, get yourself a plate of pasta or pizza, make room for dessert by having a walk first and then finish it with style ordering a chocolate fondant dessert.

I assure you will end up with sweet dreams at bedtime…

Celebrating food and the people you love, will make you feel complete.

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