Blueberry Overnight Oats

I love to eat oats for breakfast, but sometimes it can be boring when you eat it every single day… However, no chance of boringness if you know how to variate each day! So today I tried this version; a blueberry overnight oats.

It’s also a bonus to prepare it the night before, because that way if you have a hectic day in front of you, your breakfast is ready and already waiting for you!

It’s really simple to make, just pour in the jar some oats, dairy free milk or normal milk, chia seeds and cinnamon, shake it well, put it in the fridge over night and it’s done! I made with blueberries for flavor, you can either add them in raw, but I thought it would taste even better if I made it as jam. That’s really easy to make too, just pour in the frozen or fresh blueberries in a pot at medium heat till it becomes warm and liquidity. For sweetening I use honey and since the blueberries are not so sweet, I definitely recommend to add it for better taste!


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